Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sex and Sea Horses

I really wish this were nature’s new-year gift to women. Imagine Obasanjo, Buhari, Atiku, Tuface, Don Jazzy, Naeto C, M.I, and our subsidy chief-Goodluck Jonathan pregnant. Wouldn’t it be fun? Simply, in sea horses, the males become pregnant.  Their mating involves the female inserting her oviduct into the male's brooding pouch.  She does this several times for short intervals to avoid exhaustion.  In between, the female rests while the male contorts himself to try to get the eggs in place in his brood pouch.  After completion the male moves away and attaches himself by his tail to a nearby plant.  The female moves away and waits for her oviduct to recede.  The oviduct usually recedes within a few hours.  The eggs are fertilized and hatch in the male's pouch.
The males are pregnant for several weeks before giving birth to their brood.  When they prepare to give birth, the pouch extends to an almost spherical shape.  The male also undergoes muscular contortions that last for about ten minutes.  Then in an explosive action, the brood leaves the pouch.  After the last young sea horse has left, the pouch returns to its normal position, which usually takes about an hour. Males are ready to re-mate within a few hours of giving birth. Would be great for us right? Or at least, it would be fun to watch.


  1. IF MEN WERE PREGNANT..........
    Maternity leave would last two years.. with full pay.

    There would be a cure for stretch marks.

    Natural childbirth would be obsolete.

    Morning sickness would rate as the nations number one health problem.

    All methods of birth control would be improved to 100% effectiveness.

    Children would be kept in the hospital until they were toilet trained.

    Men would be eager to talk about commitment.

    They would not think twins were quite so cute.

    Fathers would demand that their SONS be home from dates by 8 PM.

    Men could use their briefcases as diaper bags.

    They would have to stop saying, "I'm afraid I'll drop him."

    They would stay in bed for the entire nine months.

    1. Oh my goodness! You are so are always full of excuses.