Friday, 20 January 2012

A lot of relationships esp marriages fail because of the distance the couples allow between them…At times, it seems like the one outside is better than the one we have at home(you know that girl who smiles at you at work, that man who compliments you everyday, that lady who helped adjust your tie in the office, that man who asked you why you're looking sad in the taxi etc)…lets avoid undue closeness because it brings about assumed love. WHY HANG OUT WITH SOMEONE YOU CAN'T SHOW TO YOUR PARTNER? WHY BECOME INVOLVED WITH A PERSON WHO YOU ARE HIDING FROM YOUR PARTNER IF YOU ARE JUST MERE FRIENDS? 

Men and Women both face temptations everyday… Its very important to always come back at the end of the day to remind yourselves of why you are together so that little niceties/concern/gestures from unassuming outsiders dont pull you apart.

Communication breakdown in any relationship can destroy it completely. There's nothing that CAN'T be settled through communication & the involvement of your creator. Love, cherish and communicate to your partner always.

(everything written is originated by the host. feel free to share to others. credit is given to dreamtimes for the photograph used)

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